Natural Skin Care Recipe – Olive Oil Skin Care Product And More

Organic skin care product is usually expensive. Although we can improve our skin condition by eating well, avoiding stress, move to a cleaner environment, one must not neglect using an organic skin care product. In your own kitchen you may find use of a natural skin care recipe and create perhaps an olive oil skin care product. Buy utilizing ingredients you have in your kitchen, you may save money and enjoy a nicer skin complexion, feel better and look younger.From the time we are born we should receive proper skin care. Healthy skin starts with good soap and water. Preventing diaper rash is the basic step in babies skin care. Children need cleansing and moisturizing to maintain their healthy glow. Adolescence brings new problems, including pimples, oily skin, and blackheads. Mature skin is even more sensitive than adolescent skin. Mature skin is very dry. As we grow in years the natural, organic treatments become more important to our skin.After shaves, deodorants, lotions and creams are among the products that affect our skin tremendously. Most of these products contain dangerous chemicals poisonous affecting our skin in various degree. If we choose to create from a natural skin care recipe an olive oil skin care product, for example, our skin will enjoy a healthier result. By treating our skin not only will we look and feel better, but avoid unnecessary expenses.Effective skin treatments that you can make at home are not hard to create. Follow a natural skin care recipe and feel the result:Facial masque – blend honey and egg yolk. Put on a thin coat on your face, wait fifteen to twenty minutes, and rinse (some find honey tickling too much, if so leave it out. This masque tightens your pores without the use of honey).Most of commercially moisturizers contain oil. Olive oil creates the same result and does not cost as much. Smooth it on your skin and receive a wonderful moisturizer. It is even eases sunburn!To exfoliate, experiment with baking soda. While in the shower or bath, gently scrub with a small amount. You can rub a bit firmer in areas with blackheads, like the nose or the notorious T-Zone.Replace your deodorant with a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water. Vinegar is non-irritating and it is a good deodorant. Immerse your foot in vinegar to ameliorate athlete’s foot.Tomatoes are good skin toner. Slice them thin and lay across oily places of your face, but If you have sensitive skin, you need to skip this treatment.I love creating olive oil skin care product and trying out any natural skin care recipe that comes my way. It is my hope that people will stop buying beautiful packaged products and spend their money on expensive skin care products that are damaging their skin. We can spoil our skin with what we got in our own kitchen. Seek more knowledge on these issues and with that knowledge learn how to live in a healthier lifestyle.

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