What Women Really Want

Since the dawn of time there has been a strange aura over women, that they are these alien creatures who no one truly understands what they want or desire. You’re about to witness one of the biggest transformations of your life, as you finally understand and realize why women do the crazy things they do, what causes them to love bad boys and treat the nice guys like dirt, and finally you will understand “what women want”.The primary problem with not understanding women stems from using modern day research and logic in order to understand why they chose certain partners or get with certain people. Unfortunately the principles that guide love were created many thousands of years ago, and to fully understand them we must get into the mind of a caveman, living in the wild, hunting food for themselves and doing the best they could without the wonders of modern day technology. These principles were created over the span of thousands of years and fully ingrained into our emotions, hence the first piece of learning you must understand about dating is logic doesn’t even come into play, there is nothing logically that you can do to *win* over a girl. This theory of evolution is further explained in Evolutionary Psychology on lets inspire, and the emotions of a girl are explained in Logic vs Emotion also on the lets inspire website (link at the end of this article).The reason women never write about this is because attraction comes from the emotions, and its very hard to explain emotions, which is the reason why even girls often don’t understand what it is they are attracted to, as they can feel the emotion, but then they can’t quite grasp what it is that they like about the guy and backwards rationalize it to often mean something completely different.
This will take timeSo now that we’ve got that realization down pact, where do we start in order to make ourselves the most attractive we can be to any girl? The one problem I’ve seen with most guys is that they don’t want to go through the harsh process of unlearning all the bad beliefs they’ve been told throughout life (just be nice to her, be yourself, be a gentlemen, buy her flowers etc.). They simply want to learn the “pick up lines” and think that there is some magic combination that they just perform and any girl will instantly fall in love with them. It NEVER works this way, I’ve been there myself and seen many many others in the same situation, thinking they just need a quick fix and not wanting to put in the effort into learning the core basics of being the best man possible. Realize that being attractive and being what women want will take time and you will go through a lot of failures and rejections, if you don’t want to put in the time and effort you always have your right hand, or whatever scraps are left over when the clubs close at night.Unlearning your past beliefsUnlearning your past beliefs can either be a short path, or take a lifetime, it depends on a few key factors. First you must be willing to make the change to your life, the longer you hold onto your old values the longer this is going to take. This process is generally easiest for the youngest men out there (because their beliefs haven’t really been ingrained yet), and for the oldest (because they have finally come to the realization that what they are doing isn’t getting them laid nearly as much as they like), but really if you’re any age you can let go of them quickly and easily.The first belief that you need to destroy is that you can logically convince a girl to like you. Repeat this one with me here “I CANNOT LOGICALLY CONVINCE A GIRL TO BE ATTRACTED TO ME”, no amount of buying her gifts, sucking up to her, being a doormat to her, being a nice guy and begging/pleading for her to like you will work, IT WILL NOT WORK. The female brain runs on emotions, not logic, and this has been ingrained for over 50,000 years, you’re not going to change it all by yourself.The second belief is that women care about your looks. Women do not care if you are good looking, but they do care that you look good. Men generally look at women and see the big picture, they see blonde hair, big boobs, tight waist, nice arse and they feel attraction towards her. Women on the other hand, love the smaller details more, if your neatly shaven, have a nice haircut, wear matching clean, ironed clothes with some nice jewelery to complement, you’re going to look many times better than a muscle man who is naturally good looking but is dressed like a bum and has no idea about fashion. This isn’t to say building muscles and improving your physique doesn’t help, it’s just a lot less important than taking care of yourself.The third belief is that women only like rich men. Women liking money is a logical thing in their minds, hence why they say it a lot, however women are not attracted to large sums of money, they may pretend to be attracted to the guy, but this is a fake form of attraction where they simply want to spend all his money on things that make themselves happy then dump him, or sleep around behind his back with a guy that creates real attraction inside of them. What they are attracted to though, is power and status, something which often comes alongside money, women gravitate towards higher status guys because in the cave ages, they were the guys who would keep them and their children safe (which is a highly desirable thing).Now that we know exactly what they don’t want, we need to learn what they do want. So what do they want?Women want Many different traits in a man, of which are listed below, these are in no specific order:- Leadership/Status – Women want someone high up in society who has a lot of power and can guarantee the highest chance of survival for her offspring, it is also an ego thing for the woman to be with someone of high status, hence why rockstars get laid so often even if they are butt ugly, they have extremely high status in the world and are loved by millions.- Ambition – Women want to know they man they are with is going somewhere in life, they want someone with goals and a life outside of being with them, someone who strives to improve himself and go far in life. This is great for the majority of us without high status, if you have ambition to attain that high status, she sees that as nearly as good as having it already.- Security/Protection – This comes back to the cave ages where a women looked for a man for security, they want someone to take care of them and protect them from harm. There are a lot of highly sexual chodes out there, who will do almost anything to a women, from grabbing her ass as she walks past in a club, to trying to get up close and grind with her on the dance floor, girls want protection from these guys. Don’t think that to protect a girl you must have big muscles or know karate, these are not important, what is important is being dominant and keeping her feeling safe with your body language (putting your arms around her shoulder etc).- Value – All of these traits essentially come into value, value is how valuable you are to the women, generally guys put women on a pedestal and let her know immediately that she is more valuable than they are. If you are lower value than a girl, she WILL NOT BE ATTRACTED TO YOU. Seriously, you must always have more value than the women otherwise she doesn’t need you for anything and can will dismiss you to seek someone with more value than you.- Connection – Women love to feel a sense of connection, a feeling that this was meant to happen, it’s fate that you met. They also like to feel an emotional connection and bond with you, like you’re both a friend and a lover.- Authenticity – There is nothing that turns women away faster than a man that isn’t congruent, if you lie to her she can tell, so follow your words with actions. You can fake it somewhat when you’re learning, but don’t push the boundaries or you’ll get a lot of women running away because they feel something “just isn’t right”, like you’re up to something. It’s better to convey to a women that you want sex straight away (of course don’t tell her verbally, convey that message with your body language and attitude) if that’s what you desire then to try and secretly hide your real intentions and pretend to be her friend to get her into bed.Notice there is no looks in there. This is because women don’t judge you on how good your look, but rather what your looks mean. For example if you look good you convey both value and status (you’re high up in society as you can afford that gear and you are in touch with reality), while having big muscles shows that you can protect her, so she likes them because of that trait.

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